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As with most jobs, applicants in any casino-related field are going to need to have a high school diploma or GED to be considered for casino employment.

Getting a job running a game at a casino requires applicants to secure state licensing everywhere in the U.S. Obtaining a dealer license will always require a criminal background check to determine eligibility. There may also be a financial background and tax status check run. The specific requirements in any given state will vary. The casinos themselves can have their own standards as to financial reporting.

Table game operators require training in a variety of games and will need to be proficient in several of them to be considered for casino employment.

The operators will also need communication skills and a good sense of customer service. They will also have to have solid math skills. Several states and private companies offer dealer training in the skills of game operation, and are wise places to start a career path in the gaming industry, but graduation does not guarantee employment and experience is more important than book learning.

As operators progress through an organization, they will add management skills to an already encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of all the games offered by a casino to become gaming supervisors. At this level, some sort of business administration degree or training is a good idea. But, as with game operators, experience and ability trump formal education.

All of the gaming-related casino job skills are absolutely portable to other casinos. Blackjack is blackjack everywhere.

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