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How to Play Let-it-Ride

Let-it-Ride is a variant of poker that pays odds if the players get a hand at least as good as or better than a pair of 10s. If the hand is not looking so good, the player can reduce the amount he or she has wagered.

The player lays out three identical bets and receives three cards face down. If the player has at least a pair of 10s, or better, he or she will be paid on all three bets 1-1 - the player would then "let it ride" and leave all three bets on the table.

If the player didn't like the cards, he or she could pull one the first bet back.

The dealer turns over two more cards in turn that are community cards for the whole table and players have the option between those cards to pull back one more bet. The third bet remains on the table no matter what.

The game gives better and better pays for better hands. Any pair of cards ranked 10s or higher pays the player 1-1. Three of a kind will pay 3-1. A straight can pay 5-1. Four of a kind can pay 50-1. A royal flush can pay 1000-1. All of those payouts are on each bet remaining on the table.

The dealer in this game is absolutely neutral; he or she gets no cards and does not play. Players win or lose based on their own hands, not each others' play. As with other games, the dealer can advise the player on how to proceed in any given situation. As with other games, the dealer has to make sure the player hasn't changed his bets inappropriately.

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