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Tips for Playing Roulette

Roulette is a fairly simple, traditional casino game. Players are able to place wagers on whether or not a ball will fall on one of 36 numbered spaces on a wheel that includes a "0" and sometimes a "00." Depending on the bet the player makes, he or she is paid off on how close the ball falls to the numbers they've chosen.

In Roulette, a player can win up to 36 times their original bet if the ball falls on a number they've laid money on.

But that's a rare occurrence, so there are other bets to be made on the board.

A player can choose to bet that the ball will fall on a particular line of numbers rather than a single number and make bets ranging from 17-1 to 11-1, he or she can bet that the ball will fall on between thirds of numbers on the board for 2-1 odds or half of the range of numbers rather than the bottom or odd or even numbers at half at 1-1. Players can even bet on whether the ball will fall on a number of one color or another, red or black at 1-1.

Playing Roulette seems simple but it requires the attendant to be very alert. Roulette is played by several people at once. The attendant must monitor every bet placed on the table and monitor the movement of the ball once it's set on the wheel. After the ball has slowed sufficiently, the attendant must call an end to betting and make sure the players abide by it.

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