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Playing Slot Machines

Slot Machines have long been popular attractions in casinos. With their bright lights, range of sounds and interactive nature, they can be easily seen to be a predecessor of modern video games. Slot machines are popular amongst casino managers because their maintenance costs are less than the salary costs of dealers in table games.

Slot machines take money (bills and receipts more often than coins anymore) from the player in return to spin the game's reels. The denominations can range anywhere from a penny per spin to hundreds of dollars per spin, but the player is paying for one spin at a time. When the reels come to a rest, what symbols they display determine whether or not the player wins. Generally, combinations of like symbols signify a win and the player is paid immediately.

If the machine cannot pay out enough money to cover the win, the casino management will send along an attendant to make up the difference in cash on the spot.

From that basic start, there are literally hundreds of different slot machines offering as many different kinds of play. Some are linked together (sometimes over great distances) to offer a progressive jackpot in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Some games offer bonus rounds or special lightning rounds with special payouts. All of the games are programmed to accept player cards that record a gambler's play. Some machines still use physical reels; others use computerized screens that depict moving reels.

While the slot machine needs no employee to operate it, it does need care. The machines have moving parts, sometimes many of them, that require maintenance. As time goes on, they more and more often have computer chips inside them that govern how they operate. The machines' random number generators determine how often combinations come up on the reels - generating odds of play.

For every kind of slot machine in play, a state game regulation authority will hold a copy of its RNG and operating software. If there is ever a question about a machine being fair (paying out at an acceptable rate) or tampered with, the machine's components are checked against the state's templates.

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As with other games, the casino maximizes its profits with more bets per hour. It's been said that slot machines pay - they pay for the lights, the carpets, the electricity. Casinos need technicians who can keep these machines up and running 24 hours a day. These technicians will have to have training in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer programming. Because they work on gambling machinery, they'll have to be state-licensed. But because of the similarity to other systems in a casino, the same slot technicians can also perform maintenance on surveillance or sign maintenance.

The kinds of technical professionals the casinos employ are also the same kinds employed by state agencies. The skills that are applicable to one are equally as applicable to the other.

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