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Every casino of any size has a cage, which is an apt description for the place where players turn their chips and tokens back into money - it looks just like a barred prison cell. The main person in that area is the cage supervisor and the position is more like a bank manager than prison warden.

The cage supervisor is in charge of every dime of the casino's money in the cage at any given time.

The supervisor must be able to show the accurate record of all the money there at any time. It is the supervisor's job to also make sure that all of the cage employees working for the casino are following proper regulations as pertains to the casino's policies as well as state regulations that apply.

The cage supervisor, like the casino pit boss, is the final arbiter of disputes between players and employees in situations involving the changing of chips or tokens for hard currency. The supervisor must therefore be ready to handle a certain amount of customer relations as disputes arise concerning money.

The casino cage supervisor will also be closely allied with the security department. Depending on the size of the operation, there can be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, in cash, on hand at any given moment.

As with a supervisor in other businesses, they will be called on to hire, manage and fire personnel within their department.

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