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In an environment where a new hire requires both a criminal and financial background check, an internal promotion is a time saver.

Casinos are seldom single-address operations. Since the 1970s, corporate ownership of casinos has created brand names like MGM, Harrah's and Trump with multiple casino resorts in multiple cities. A job with an outpost in an American-Indian casino can give someone a chance to travel and move laterally within the business in another part of a state.

A job with a national name like Bally's could mean a similar move from one side of the US to another.

On the other side of the coin, the agencies that oversee casino operations hire almost the same group of professionals the casinos do. Lawyers of every stripe, accountants, law enforcement, technicians of every kind are needed to see that casinos are operating fairly and within legal bounds. The state regulation is an important thing for the player, it means that the games are as fair as they have to be and they're not being cheated. When people trust the casino, the state benefits from the revenues it collects. If a casino is going to provide any of the benefits it's supposed to, people must trust it enough to spend their money there.

Beyond the people who run the games, the largest casino resorts offer services of all kinds. Massage therapists, golf pros, beauticians, doctors, master chefs, short order cooks, entertainment coordinators and ordained ministers can be on staff at the biggest resorts.

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