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The gaming supervisor, or pit boss, is a manager and arbiter. The pit boss will be in charge of several casino dealers operating several different games simultaneously. The pit boss is expected to be an absolute expert in the games they oversees, and be able to hand out rulings at a moment's notice. He or she is also there to make sure guests have a good time.

The casino makes more money when players play more hands, or throw more dice per hour, so it is one of the pit boss's most important jobs to keep the action moving. He or she is rotating the dealers from game to game, shifting employees around to best effect play while catching situations before they become time consuming problems.

The pit boss is the final arbiter of the rules of the games he or she oversees.

If a player has a question about a particular rule, the pit boss has an answer. If someone has a complaint about the way a game was played, the pit boss is the one who fields the complaint. If a dealer has made a mistake (a dropped card, a misplaced set of dice, a bet overlooked) the pit boss makes all corrections to play and pay.

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The pit boss is also an accountant. They have to keep an eye on all of the bets in play at the tables while noting and managing the movement of chips into the gaming area and cash boxes going out. Everything has to be accounted for, receipts signed and dated. In places where thousands of dollars change hands every minute, every penny of that money is accounted for by the pit bosses.

The pit boss is also part of the mechanism that guards the casino against theft. Thousands of dollars change hands every minute and the pit bosses are making sure it happens by the rules. Criminals have tried and succeeded at cheating casino games for thousands of years and casinos are always on the lookout for people who are taking an unfair advantage.

Pit bosses also monitor and manage problem guests. In an environment where the unwary or unwise can lose a lot of money very quickly, the pit bosses have to be able to see when a player's unhappiness over a run of luck is in danger of turning sour. The pit bosses watch problem players and can array security personnel, uniformed and undercover, around the player with the minimum of disruption.

The pit bosses also monitor the players betting so that they can be properly rewarded for their play. Casinos will give players who spend a lot of money "comps" (gifts, usually free drinks or food, sometimes as lavish as free tickets or free rooms) and it is the pit boss that awards the comps. As with the player mentioned before, the problem player, the pit boss can often give an overheated guest time to calm down with a complimentary trip to the buffet.

As with almost every other casino employee, it is the pit bosses job to keep the player happy. The pit boss does a lot of customer service.

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