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The people who regulate the casino industry are all largely professionals in their particular field. The agencies in every state that allow casinos to operate keep a staff of law enforcement, legal and accounting professionals to oversee gaming operations.

These organizations will have their own requirements (kind of education, years of experience, background checks) and be subject to general state employee hiring guidelines (which will vary from state to state).

Modern casino-resorts utilize a great deal of electronic gadgetry from surveillance cameras to slot machines to outdoor lightshows. As a result, these resorts have teams of specialized technicians working to keep those electrical and electronic systems running.

Slot machine technicians need to have electrical engineering and, more and more commonly, computer science training to manage the banks of slot machines in a casino. Vocational training in either of these fields will be beneficial, but is not required. There are also state licensing requirements for these employees.

On the plus side, the training programs and education that regulatory agencies require applicants to have (criminal justice, accounting and electrical engineering, for instance) are almost universally available at any community college. In many cases, work performed at the lower levels of employment in those state agencies qualifies as coursework for post-secondary degrees. In either case, the skills required for these jobs are generally very portable.

Also a benefit, state jobs of any type have generally good benefits and sometimes union representation. On the downside, a regulatory agent is usually prohibited from visiting any casino in the state he or she works in if not any casino in the world - the particulars vary state to state.

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