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Slot machines and gaming machines of all types are the best revenue producers for a casino. The slot attendants keep those machines running smoothly and accurately. These employees are highly technically trained and are able to troubleshoot most problems or defects with a stock of machines that might cover 50 different machine brands in a single building. They are also easy-to-find casino employees and are a visible customer service link on the casino floor. They are also an extra set of eyes and ears for casino security and are always carrying some sort of radio.

Slot machines are valuable to the casino because they can be operating consistently without requiring a dealer. The slot technicians and attendants are there to give those machines regular and regimented service to keep them in top condition. Some have reels and moving parts, others have touch-screens and no buttons or levers. The technicians must also be able to tell when a machine needs more than a tune up and pull it from the floor for in-depth maintenance.

The attendants are also in charge of paying big winners at the machines. A machine will only pay off to a certain amount (varying by machine and casino) and anything left over is paid to the player by the attendant. The attendant will carry a great deal of cash on his or her person, or in a rolling workstation. The attendant is also able to provide the player with anything he or she might need by contacting any number of guest services by radio.

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