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People who work in a casino/hotel are like people who work in any other kind of destination hotel. There are hotel administrators and managers engaged in every aspect of a normal hotel from food service to housekeeping, from the front desk bellhops to the pool cleaning service. Since some casinos can be large, all-inclusive resorts unto themselves, there are thousands of positions at all levels to fill when one opens.

In terms of the casino's gaming operations, casino dealers are highly technical, highly customer-driven people.

They must be intelligent and well-trained enough to follow the movements and rules for games as complex as craps while having the presence of mind to remain cordial if not warm to the gamblers.

Casino pit bosses, who watch over the dealers, must be masters of every game on the floor and be able to watch over several different games at once. They are also responsible for recording and rewarding players' play as well as spotting when one of them is behaving in an inappropriate manner.

Both the dealers and the pit bosses are the public faces of the casino and sometimes the only interaction players will have with the business. In an industry with a perception of shadiness - sometimes a carefully-crafted message of shadiness - these employees have to be paragons of affable respectability.

Casino floor employees are also people who are interested in both travel and advancement. The pit bosses are usually promoted from the ranks of the dealers, the gaming operations managers used to be pit bosses.

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