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Casinos Layout and Structure

The largest casinos - resort style operations - are interesting buildings for a number of reasons. The way they are laid out physically is as much a conscious decision as how they're decorated and staffed.

One of the most important features of all casino structures is de-contextualization. It is in the casino's interest to keep people from thinking about where they are. A seat at a casino card table will isolate the player from seeing doorways out of the building and even natural light. Similarly, there are no visible clocks or other ways to tell what time it is.

Along the same lines, a modern casino will be set up in a way that makes it difficult to find ones way out.

But the layout and decor is also about setting a mood and casino managers take that very seriously. Many casinos, especially the bigger ones, have elaborate themes and everything within the walls reflect that theme. Caesar's Palace is Roman, the Excalibur is medieval, Treasure Island is pirate/south seas. The dealers and the wait staff will be dressed in a manner that reflects the theme and, in some cases, will act and speak in a way that supports the theme.

Overall, the building will be set up in a way that guides the guest back towards the casino floor. Large hallways will end up at the gaming tables, buffets and shopping areas will abut the floor directly. In some casinos, the price structure of amenities will direct guests back to the playing floor. For instance, drink prices may be significantly lower on the casino floor than they are in other bars in the hotel (if they cost anything for players at all).

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