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Casino career salaries are like salaries anywhere else, what you'll make depends on the gaming job you do and the kind of business you work for. Someone working as a dealer at a small American-Indian casino in northern Michigan is not going to make as much as a dealer turning cards at Las Vegas' largest casinos. The amount someone will make is also going to vary by years of experience, proficiency and the scope of the gambling establishment. Benefits are wide ranging from establishment to establishment.

The average earnings for a casino card dealer job at an American casino are going to be around $16,500 per year, but that's just in hourly compensation. Casino dealers get a good portion of their take-home pay in the form of tips.

Based on that, a dealer can expect to see their actual compensation rise and fall with the season.

Gaming managers, the people running the gaming operations, can expect to make a very wide rage of salaries. On the low end, that can mean less than $45,000 a year but can mean more than $95,000 at the biggest establishments. See the Bureau of Labor Statistics salary report.

Supervisors, the pit bosses, are leaders and must have strong customer service instincts. The best ones can look forward to making as much as $50,000 a year. Surveillance workers and security personnel, in or out of uniform, can expect to make around $30,000 a year.

With the ancillary casino careers that can be involved in a large casino-resort - everything from golf pro to executive chef, the salary figures are all over the map. These salaries, with only a few exceptions, are comparable to people working the same jobs in non-casino workplaces.

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