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The Biggest Casino Resorts

The very biggest casinos, the casino resorts, can be likened to small cities unto themselves. Where other casinos are built near tourist attractions (warm weather destinations, natural landmarks) these casinos are meant to be the attraction. Back before jet engines, Las Vegas was a necessary stopover for air traffic. Now, the city is the destination people leave for - it's much the same with casino resorts.

These casinos are physically connected to large hotels that offer lodging of all sorts. These hotels are able to cater to the needs of middle-class players as well as the richest players they can attract.

It goes without saying these casinos have all of the games mentioned at the smaller operations, they will also offer those games at levels the smaller operations can't.

The resorts are able to accommodate the richest players by being able to give them a level of play they can't get at smaller casinos. The resorts can withstand a player who shows up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in his or her pockets.

These places will also have ancillary services the smaller operations cannot match. They will have their own dry cleaners, their own beauty salons and (in some places) their own wedding chapels. Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas has its own high-end mall. Caesar's Palace also built a new stage for a particular artist in return for an exclusive multi-year engagement. Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut has a 36-hole golf course with PGA professionals on staff. These casinos don't want their customers to need, or have, to go anywhere else.

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