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The size and feel of a casino can vary widely depending on the individual operation. On the very lowest end of the scale, small startups or casinos in remote places are usually modest affairs. These gaming houses will have a few table games (blackjack, craps) and a lot of slot machines. They may also have a bingo parlor. Because they're small, these places will have the kinds of games that require fewer actual staffers to run. As amenities go, things like food or drink service, these places can be very much like bowling alleys. There will be some food, some drink service but nothing very elaborate.

If those operations are successful, they can upgrade to a larger setting. The next level up in casinos will have more table games, a greater variety of table games and many, many more slot machines. Some of them will offer expanded gaming options like sports books where players can place money on everything from baseball games to horse races. These places will have full restaurants and full bar operations and will sometimes have small stages for entertainment.

Next up on the food chain are major casino outlets. Cities like New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Detroit have casinos that are outposts of major chains like MGM and Harrah's. These are extensive and elaborate gaming houses that will typically offer every kind of casino game players are familiar with as well as well-known entertainers in their lounges. These casinos will almost always have hotels connected to them and run shuttle services to other area hotels as well as the airports.

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